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Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros is more than just a carpet cleaning solution. It is much more than a unique process or even a growing franchise system. Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros is really a true "Horatio Alger" story, the tale of a determined and energetic American Entrepreneur named Bob Williams.

As a young man working his way through law school in the early 1970's, Bob Williams was a carpet cleaner who was working for someone else. Unhappy with the performance of the cleaning products then available, he began looking for a better solution. His research stretched into years and years of studying the chemical properties of cleaning formulas and years of backbreaking experiments which required cleaning areas of dirty carpets with one formula and then another.

Eventually, he found his formula, a revolutionary carbonated solution that not only cleaned beautifully but was also safe and non-toxic. With the birth of Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros came self-employment and success. The demand for his cleaning services mushroomed and soon friends and family clamored for his secret. From the first small group of franchises, the Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros network has grown to thousands of successful franchises around the world. As the Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros family increases, Bob Williams has seen his own success story repeated by many franchisees.  

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